The Celtics took Jaylen Brown with the number 3 pick in the NBA draft. Was this the best option for the team?

  • I agree that taking Jaylen Brown was the best choice for the Celtics.

    I agree that taking Jaylen Brown as the number three NBA draft pick for the Celtics was the best choice. Jaylen Brown has a lot to offer the Celtics. He has a fresh new way to play the game and will bring a young perspective to the team. He will be a welcome addition.

  • Yes, picking Brown was a smart idea.

    Yes, the Celtics taking Jaylen Brown with the number 3 pick in the NBA draft was the best option for the team. Jaylen Brown is a good player and probably the best of the remaining players. Picking Jaylen Brown was probably the most effiecient decision for the outcome of the team.

  • Yes, Jaylen is a versatile player that could help the celtics.

    Jaylen Brown has the ability to play well on both end of the court. He is a good attacker and slasher in transition, and he also rebounds well. He can be sufficiently competent against guards and can also hold his own on the wings. This is something that the Celtics team is currently in need of to help their team.

  • Only time will tell.

    We do not know for sure what goes on in the mind's of officials who make the draft picks. All we can assume is that there is some sort of plan in motion that they are trying to carry out. What does not make sense to us may make sense to the people making decisions.

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