The Chinese education ministry is trying to ban homework. Should other countries follow?

  • Ban on Homework Plausible

    Without a doubt, China's attempt to ban homework makes sense. Children should be learning inside school rather than baring all the burden of learning themselves at home. Teachers tend to use homework to make up all of their shortcomings in the classroom, and too many teachers use this like a crutch.

  • Homework Allowed For The Chinese?

    It should be allowed because they have to learn the same as us. Its just not fair if students in china don't have practice with some they probably need help with. Extra homework can help the student learn more so they can be more powerful on what their doing today.

  • Can't do it

    I don't think other countries should follow this at all especially honors (Pre-ap) and ap classes. Those type of classes is never ok to be included in this argument. They tend to move quicker than regular level classes, teachers are supposed to give a lot of homework for that type of class level. Those type of classes require higher level thinking.

  • Other countries should only follow China if they have a similar educational system.

    China's educational system is very different from those of many countries. Chinese children spend many more hours attending school each day and per annum than western school children. Several times per year, they are subjected to rigid testing that determines much of their future. It is best that Chinese students not have homework. Before adopting Chinese policies, other nations should compare their educational structures to that of China.

  • No homework is too important

    Homework is too important to be banned Homework allows teachers to see if students grapsed what they learned and are able to I don't believe in giving a lot of homework each night but some homework is needed in order for the education system to work at its best.

  • No, other counries should not ban homework.

    No, other countries should not ban homework just because the Chinese education ministry is trying to. The China education system is one of the best in the world. Other countries cannot afford to ban homework if they expect their students to catch up with the Chinese in education, especially the United States.

  • Country by country.

    China may be trying to ban homework, but Chinese students go to school significantly longer every day and for a lot more days than other countries. If this works for their country, then kudos to them and I wish them luck. However, it doesn't mean it will work our for other countries around the world.

  • Homework lets the child discover on their own and leads to good habits

    When a teacher assigns homework its for the child's own opportunity to go outside the classroom and discover the world on their own. They gain a lot more independence and confidence when they are being supported to do their own work without always having help when they need it. So say this homework banning spreads through other countries. The child grows up, has ob and is assigned to do work at home. They don't know what to do because they grew up without homework

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