The Clinton campaign is being blamed for imposing damage control regarding her health. Is her campaign too secretive?

  • She lies about lying

    Hillary would prefer to tell a lie to the truth even if it was convenient to tell the truth. Her best debater is herself where she admits to overstating things and thinking wrong. I believe from the evidence that Hillary is ill and not just with pneumonia that heals itself in less than 4 hours.

  • They are hiding.

    The Clinton campaign is being incredibly secretive about her health, and voters deserve to know the truth. There is nothing wrong with running for the Presidency even if you are not in good health, but voters need to know this. I will say that her symptoms look absolutely nothing like pneumonia, so they are hiding something.

  • Her health problems aren't major

    Considering FDR had four very productive terms with much more profound illnesses, Clinton's pneumonia means little. The only reason there is damage control at all is that Republicans have made such a big deal about it. It is no ones business if she developed pneumonia, which isn't that uncommon when people are exhausted.

  • No, it is not.

    Too much is being made of her " health problems ". It is not unusual for someone to become overheated at an event like this, especially if they are overdressed. She has been overscrutinized by the media and the press and unfortunately this incident happened in a very public way.

  • The Clinton campaign is not too secretive

    The Clinton campaign is not too secretive. Her recent health issues are not long term issues, and have nothing to do with her ability to govern. The public is not entitled to know everything about a candidate's health. Only if there is a major medical issue that affects her ability to govern.

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