The Dallas suspect killed during the standoff was identified as Micah Johnson. Was this a conspiracy?

  • Yes it is

    You people will believe anything they broadcast on the news with no evidence.I think he was just a pawn.The government have a agenda,they want us divided by race .They want marshalls law.This shooting is just a seed planted because alot of you believe anything they say.If they said slavery was ok you would agree because you weak minded and socially braainwashed.

  • Initial Reports Indicated Four Shooters

    it is difficult to understand how the massive Dallas police shooting could have been carried out by a single individual. Multiple initial reports said that shots were fired from up high, and on the ground level. It would seem impossible that just one individual could have carried out an attack of this scale, and lead so many people to believe that they were in multiple places at once.

  • No, this was not a conspiracy.

    The Dallas police shooting suspect, Micah Johnson, was not part of a conspiracy. Instead he just created a terrible tragedy for the city of Dallas. Johnson was driven to kill white police officers because his anger and hatred turned into an evil rage. He wanted to get even with people that he believed had hurt so many in the African American community. However, he ended up creating more sympathy for police officers because of this horrific attack.

  • How would this be a conspiracy?

    Who exactly would set this up as a conspiracy? This is one man who had a history of violence, at that time just against a woman, but violence none the less. He had been in the military and had thorough experience with a gun. He followed groups that advocated for violence, he may have seemed calm at the time in his neighborhood, but this man held a darker side of himself that came out horribly and fatefully that night in Dallas.

  • Single Person, Single Beginning, Single Ending

    Micah Johnson acted on his own free will. This was not an organized event by a secret society or sect of the population of Dallas. The peaceful protest was merely the venue at which Mr. Johnson chose to carry out his frustrated, uncounselled actions against the law enforcement officers present to keep the peaceful protest peaceful.

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