The DEA says marijuana will remain illegal under federal law. Do you think it should be legal?

  • Yes it should.

    There are thousands of studies that have shown that marijuana is a safe and effective drug. It is safe recreationally, and is safer and less addictive than alcohol. It also has a wide variety of medical uses, such as a painkiller, anti-seizure drug, and anti-nausea drug, not all of which can be created in a lab.

  • Yes, marijuana should be legal for small amounts

    Marijuana should be allowed for legal consumption with some restrictions on the amount and the age of the consumer. The change in federal laws would take the criminal element away from this minor drug and it would standardize the treatment of marijuana across the states. It this point there is much confusion over the few states that have legalized it and how to treat the growers, that a change in the federal law is needed.

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  • It should remain illegal

    It should remain illegal. This is because pot causes the mental faculties to slow down, causes other mental changes, and also increases the risk of lung cancer. Just because people want to get high doesn't mean they should have a free license to do so. I can understand legalization for medical reasons, but that is all.

  • No, keep it illegal

    Marijuana is a drug. While it is debated as to what extent that drug has been affecting people, it is currently outlawed by the US government. Much more extensive testing ought to be done on the matter before it is legalized. If, ultimately, it is found to be safe, then it can be legalized.

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