The debate over fake news: Should Facebook censor speech on its website?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Zuckerberg finds himself at the helm of a company that started as a tech company — run by algorithms, free of human judgment, the mythology went. And now he's just so clearly the CEO of a media company — replete with highly complex rules (What is hate speech anyway?); with double standards (If it's "news" it stays, if it's a rant it goes); and with an enforcement mechanism that is set up to fail.

  • Fake news needs to stop

    Fake news does nothing good, and it needs to be stopped. If Facebook and other tech companies can find ways to stop the spread of this fake news, I am all for it. I understand that it is hard to decided sometimes what is fake and what is real, but I truly believe that this is a good start.

  • There should be some censorship on Facebook

    Facebook can and should control the content on their website. However, defining what is fake news probably opens a can of worms that Facebook should avoid. They should limit the censorship to the obvious. What is lewd often becomes a debate when someone or an algorithm at Facebook censors a photo of a woman breast feeding. Fake news should be left to the critical thinking ability of the Facebook subscribers. The debate as to what is lewd is easier than the debate as to what is fake and not fake.

  • Not censor, control

    The idea that moderating information falsely claiming to be news is censorship is absurd. Censorship is silencing someone for their ideas, and we shouldn't do that, but sites claiming to be news and abusing Facebook's system of delivery should be kept under control. If it's not done well, though, this will only feed into the Republican paranoia of some conspiracy to censor them.

  • Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom - and no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech.

    Censorship is never a good solution to anything. Freedom of Speech is the most important and fundamental right anyone can have in a free country, and that is why it is the 1st Amendment in the United States constitution. Freedom of Speech is absolutely essential for democracy, and any form of censorship can be, and will be abused. Facebook already had to fire their entire staff responsible for moderating the trending news system on Facebook because they were biased against conservatism and kept censoring conservative articles by keeping them out of the trending news. You can have freedom, or you can have censorship. Pick one.

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