The Disney channel is Becoming worse and worse.

Asked by: starwin321
  • Barely any good shows are left.

    After watching The Disney channel for Years I can safetley say that it has been degrading in quality more and more after every year. I'm not saying that every show on Disney channel is bad. I'm saying MOST shows on Disney channel are unbearably bad. But there is at least one show that is really good. That show is gravity falls. But other than that almost every show follows no/little plot, is very repetetive and is just so boring! I hope that disney decides to go back to its roots and bring back or add new shows that are animated and not peices of crap you find on the back of your shoe. Hopefully one day we can get good shows back on the disney channel.

  • A Tool For Brainwashing Young Minds

    Disney Channel has always been around for one purpose: shaping the minds of America's youth. These shows seem silly and harmless, but when you look at it from the blank slate that is a child's mind, many devious lessons are taught. A common characteristic of these shows include, most importantly, the concept of young love. These shows are constantly flooding children's minds with very adult concepts: marriage, adultery, sex, etc. And what happens whenever a main character is kissed or finds out they were cheated on? An immediate audience sound-track of "oooo's" and "ahhh's" that further encourage our children to think about these mature concepts. These shows also depict adults and parents as idiotic, with these adult characters always cracking the stupid, moronic jokes (to which the children always reply with a snarky and condescending comment). These shows are maturing our children faster than needed, and teaching that disrespect and negativity is completely okay when it's directed at a "silly parent".

  • Disney channel is stupid

    EVERYTHING! After Austin and Ally ended, the channel really went downhill. LIke stupid dumb shows like BIzarrdvark are actually dumb. The simple argument? They are just so freaking dumb! The good old times like Suite Life on Deck, Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waveryly Place were what I want to watch!Not some stupid show about 2 girls making these stupid videos and more and more DUCKTALES!! SOMEONE HELP US!!!The new generation will be sad!!

  • What happened to Disney Channel

    I am 13 years old, and am beginning to think Disney Channel is dumb. I understand that a lot of it is because it is aimed at younger audiences, but it didn't used to be. For example Full House is still good in my opinion. One of the newer shows, Bunk'd, is just terrible. They repeat the same joke line over and over. Here's an example of it from Jessie:
    Kid 1: Is the only reason you hang out with me my IQ?
    Kid 2: Of course not... It's also because you live here.
    This kind of joke happens over and over in different contexts, with one kid saying something dumb, and the other kid saying of course not, something dumber. I feel like Disney Channel ran out of jokes to use, so they decided to use one continually. Honestly though, IT GETS OLD. I mean, you know Disney Channel's dead when you watch Nickelodeon and it's a step up.

  • Most shows are bad, but new shows are getting better

    Te first show I saw was Jessie. It totally disturbed me, especially that stupid laughter. In a show like full house, it’s better because the laughter only happens at the actually funny times, and, the Jessie laugh track only laughed, while full house had ooh ahhh and awe moments. New shows are getting better, but still Disney is becoming more mature with adulthood themes in shows like Andi Mack. But there are some very creative shows, like that’s so Raven and it’s spin off ravens home. Another okay show is kacy undercover, it has a unique storyline that is obviously fiction but still very cool. The only thing is that this how is focused on a family that constantly lies and keeps secrets. So mostly okay but maybe a little off

  • It's extremely bad

    Back in the old Phineas and Ferb, Wizards of Waverly Place, That's SO Raven days, it was good. They had positive messages, and acted mature yet appropriate. They taught us to be ourselves and to show respect and compassion for each other other. They taught us to believe in ourselves. Now, it's BAD with a capital B. Liv and Maddie is extremely immature. All its about is a STUPID LOVE TRIANGLE. Jessie has extremely inappropriate content. And BIZAARDVARK. DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON IT. IT'S EXTREMELY INAPPROPRIATE. The Girl Meets World characters are all brats. Back in the That's SO Raven day, they didn't care about their body image but now in the shows its all about that. The ONLY GOOD MODERN DISNEY SHOW IS STUCK IN THE MIDDLE. ALSO, IN TODAY'S SHOWS ITS SEXIST, WITH WIMPY GIRLY GIRLS WHO HAVE TO WAIT FOR THEIR LOVE INTERESTS. BACK THEN, IT SHOWED GIRL POWER. DISNEY CHANNEL IS REALLY BAD NOW.

  • Where is the REAL entertainment?!

    Disney channel has gone completely down hill once they cancelled all of the good shows such as Hannah Montana (even though she went down hill herself), that's so raven, wizards of Waverly place, etc. once all of these were taken off of Disney channel they came up with the most stupid ideas! Such as dog with a blog, wander over yonder, and fish hook! They are nothing compared to lets say, the proud family, Phil of the future, Kim possible, etc. it will never be the same.

  • I dont think it is getting worse-

    Now-a-days, many kids in their teens think that Disney shows are horrible. However what they dont realize is Disney is catering to a certain age group. Approximetly from ages 6-13. When there is a new generation wtavhing these shows. Interests are changing. The idea of spies, might not have been something you liked but you cousin 3 years younger loves the idea. So reallythe shows are nt getting worse they are just catering to the youths minds

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gabep says2015-05-02T00:19:35.840
It was never good in the first place.
jaksunmadness says2015-05-13T09:15:15.127
It has just become another feminist circus