The drinking water in three Colorado cities is contaminated with toxic chemicals above EPA limits. Do you trust your municipality's water?

  • I trust my municipalities water

    I fully trust my municipalities water, based solely the fact that I have lived here for over two decades and have no negative effects from drinking the water, which I drink a lot of. The EPA sets limits so high that it is surprising that anyone is able to comply.

  • Yes, I do trust my municipality's water.

    Maybe I am being naive in my view but yes, I do trust the water in my municipality. I know one can never be too careful but honestly there has never been a problem. The water is tested regularly and reports are sent out annually. I may sound gullible but I am not one to go looking for problems.

  • The Flint, MI crisis spreads to other cities, but I'm not worried

    Flint, Michigan has become the poster child of a city in crisis as news of its tainted water supply continues to make headlines. It seems that their issues are not unique, however: Colorado recently reported that toxic chemicals have seeped into their water as well. That said, my municipality is good at managing environmental issues, which extends to water issues. Therefore I feel comfortable about drinking water where I live.

  • No, I do not trust my municipality's water.

    Most communities do a good job at delivering clean water to their citizens. However, some high-profile cases of contaminated drinking water have made many question how safe their water is to drink. People should err on the side of caution, and be careful when drinking their city's water. They should consider purchasing in-home water filtration systems that can purify their drinking water.

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