The EU has stated Britain should leave "as soon as possible." Do you think a slow process would be better?

  • Yes, I think a slow transition would be better.

    Although the EU believes Britain should leave as soon as possible, a hasty transition would be inadvisable. A slow transition process would be beneficial to both sides, ensuring that the process was done correctly. Hasty and quick transitions can often be messy and create a larger problem than they started with.

  • Yes, a slow process would be better.

    The decision to leave seems to have been made hastily, and while it does not seem like the U.K. will stay, more time will help people prepare and make the changes they need to make this time of transition as sucessful as it can be. People will have time to prepare and create the support they need.

  • Better for whom.

    I am a British citizen living on the EU mainland. I did not support brexit, the world need nations to find ways to come together to solve its problems brexit is the opposite of that.
    By voting out Britain has said to the rest of Europe 'stuff you' its every nation for itself. Now Europe needs to cut them off ASAP before more damage is done and then Europe needs to undermine them. Britain declared a dog eat dog mentality Europe need to be the bigger dog. Nothing personal Britain but now its either you or me.

  • No, I do not think a slow process of Britain leaving the European Union would be better than leaving as soon as possible.

    No, I do not think a slow process of Britain leaving the European Union would be better than leaving as soon as possible because far right groups in France, Netherlands and Italy are also suggesting that their respective countries leave the EU. I think it would be best for Britain to leave the EU as soon as possible to stop these populist uprising in European nations.

  • No, I agree with the EU that Britain should make the changes quickly.

    As determined by the will of the people in a popular vote, Britain should extricate themselves from the EU as swiftly as possible. This will allow for a quicker adjustment period for people to begin to make any necessary changes as a result of Britain's exit. I imagine prolonging it would do just that.

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