The FAA considers a 4 oz of shampoo more dangerous than an exploding Galaxy Note 7. Should the FAA ban shampoo bottles?

  • Yes, the FAA should ban 4 oz shampoo bottles.

    The FAA should ban small shampoo bottles in carry-on baggage. The current prohibited items list only disallows bottles greater than 3.4 oz. This amount is large enough for a standard carry-on bag. The prohibited list allows for easy packing for the traveler and easy scanning for the airport employee. The simple across the board bottle size leaves no question as to what can be carried. It is the responsibility of the traveler to become familiar with the FAA and TSA guidelines. Simple directions leaves no doubt for all involved.

  • The FAA should give considerable evidence before banning shampoo bottles.

    The FAA has its guidelines but they also need to include a measure of common sense. What are the purposes for banning shampoo bottles and not another type of electronic device? The FAA should give considerable evidence before banning shampoo bottles because this is a necessary item for those traveling.

  • No, the FAA should not ban shampoo bottles

    No, the FAA should not ban shampoo bottles. Shampoo is a basic necessity when travelling. It would be ridiculous for the FAA to ban something that everyone needs. This would force people to buy shampoo once they get o the place they need, and then disposes of it when they need to return. This would be very wasteful.

  • No they shouldn't

    The Federal Aviation Administration is announcing new air passenger carry-on guidelines. Sadly, though, the authorities are not altering the terrorism-repelling edict prohibiting fliers from carrying on shampoo or other liquids and gels in containers larger than 3.4 ounces. There has been no proof of foiling any terrorist acts by reducing our liquids, it only happened the one time, it is really just to make the public feel safer.

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