The father of a fallen soldier has criticized Trump. Does Trump respect the troops?

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  • No, Trump does not respect the troops.

    No, Trump does not respect the troops because he has consistently mocked the military system in the U.S. and has even tried to discredit John McCain in the public light. Trump has been proven to stretch the truth and misrepresent facts for his own gain and therefore, his actions speak louder than words when he claims to support the troops.

  • Trump only respects Trump

    Drawing the ire of Donald Trump is easy, simply slight him in any fashion. He's a classic bully who thrives on putting other people down instead of lifting them up. If Trump had any actual respect for the troops he wouldn't be threatening to send them to war halfway across the world.

  • He does not.

    Trump is a highly divisive candidate and I don't think he believes in giving everyone equal rights. Our troops fought, and continue to fight, overseas to bring basic human rights to the people who need them. It's sad that those same troops may now have a leader who does not believe in the human rights they are fighting for.

  • No, Trump does not respect the troops.

    Unfortunately, Trump has been outspoken on many issues, and in doing so, has shown that he not only does not respect the troops, he doesn't really respect any one (except himself). On more than one occasion, Trump has criticized our military. He seems to think that it is in shambles and in need of a major overhaul. He doesn't seem to appreciate the hard work that our troops do every day, putting their lives on the line so someone like Donald Trump has the freedom to speak out against them. Pretty ironic, don't you think?

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