The FBI’s records on the financial crisis was requested by a U.S. Lawmaker. Is he merely grandstanding?

  • Score those political points

    At this point, we're too far past the financial crisis and the bad actors are too far up the chain for any real reforms to be undertaken. This guy is simply trying to keep his name in the newspapers because the vast majority of the American people are still hurting from the Great Recession. As is typical with politicians, this is more about reelection than helping Americans.

  • Politics is Gesture Nowdays

    Knowing how politicians work he probably is and if he is calling for them so confidently one can assume that he, unlike many of his comrades, did not benefit from the crisis or has removed evidence of such. Politics are very much about gestures and reactions to a gesture can make a nice breeding ground for popularity because, in this case, it's a win/win situation. Either, the FBI refuses and they come under fire or we actually get to see what he asked for.

  • Lawmaker wants to draw attention to himself

    Democrat Bill Pascrell asked FBI Director James Comey for witness interview transcripts, notes, reports and memos from the agency’s probes into the financial crisis. There have already been inquiries into the financial crisis and this lawmaker just wants to make the crisis an issue again at election time and draw attention to himself.

  • No, this is not grandstanding.

    The Congressional request for the FBI's records on the financial crisis is legitimate, not grandstanding. Lawmakers have a right to review FBI files on the financial crisis. This can help lawmakers draft stronger legislation to prevent another economic collapse. Also, the FBI works for Americans, so the people's representatives have a right to review FBI files.

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