The first astronaut on the moon left behind trash. Should humans be allowed to explore space?

  • Humans should be allowed to continue exploring space

    Space exploration is vital to our understanding of our own planet and species. Despite the environmental negligence of some, we still have a commitment to discovery. Without the scientific advances we have today, we'd be far less developed as a society. I think it's necessary for us to continue the pursuit of space exploration but with a responsibility for our actions as humans and for the potential impacts of those actions.

  • Yes, they should be allowed.

    Humans should be allowed to explore space at any cost, we must fully understand the universe that we live in. The case of dumping on the moon, by the first astronaut should be a reason to halt the cause of exploring the space, with little advice this is a small issue.

  • Yes, human should be allowed to explore space

    Yes, human should be allowed to explore space. Space is a very valuable resource for the future of the human race. Considering the fact that global climate change could potentially displace millions of people, we need to find a way off this planet by means of space exploration. Just because one man littered in space, does not mean that everyone will litter in space.

  • Just don't it again

    It is crazy to think that we shouldn't allow space exploration because of the experiences of one astronaut. Someone who does that should be removed from the space program, but we shouldn't give up all we could possibly learn in space because of one person's mistake. It is too important to give up.

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