The George W. Bush Administration likes Hilary over Donald. Should they?

  • Donald Trump is crazy

    After all the insults that Jeb Bush suffered at the hands of Donald Trump, of course the George W. bush administration prefers Hillary Clinton over him. At this point they will vote for anyone but Trump. He made enemies with the wrong people, which makes no sense. He will learn soon enough.

  • George W. Bush's administration is right to support Hillary

    Members of the George W. Bush administration are correct to support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. Trump has made outrageous statement, including those revealing prejudice. He also does not support their conservative positions. Hillary Clinton has a solid track record and likely will not do anything too crazy on the foreign and domestic policy fronts.

  • Yes, Hillary seems to be the more stable candidate.

    Normally I would expect politicians and former leaders to fully support the candidate from their own party. Trump has dug his own grave in this election though. He has proven he is not professional enough for the position. It is not surprising that some Republicans are distancing themselves from Trump or showing support for Hillary.

  • It is appalling that the Bush family would endorse Hillary Clinton.

    Hillary Clinton is the most morally corrupt candidate to ever run for office and is a disgrace to the nation. She has repeatedly lied to the American people and is not at all qualified to be our commander in chief. She does not deserve the support of our armed forces and for the Bush family endorse her contradicts their campaign messages and shows what a mistake electing George W. Bush was.

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