The German minister defends giving neo-Nazi protesters the finger. Does this give the group more attention?

  • Yes, for every action, there is a reaction.

    For every action there is a reaction. In this case, the reaction equals more attention on the protesters. People will want to find out more about the protesters, their history, what they do currently and more. Whether positive or negative, an attention is still an attention. The group will certainly get at least a little attention.

  • Don't sink to their level!

    We should stand against any form of Nazi-ism, but to give them the finger is sinking to a low level of vulgarity. Rather than responding that way, principles of freedom need to be continuously stated and kept to -- but done in a way that is respectful and full of honor. We cannot ignore
    neo-Nazis and hope they will go away -- we must speak out, but with honor.

  • It does, but who cares

    I support this German minister, and I'm glad he didn't back down when pressed about this incident. Sure, it gives the Neo-Nazis a little more attention, but attention for those guys is a bad thing. They'd rather live just outside the light and operate unobserved. Spotlighting their hate turns the public against them a little more.

  • Yes, this gives the group more attention.

    The German minister should not have made an obscene gesture to the neo-Nazi protesters. His gesture only gave the group more publicity. The minister should respect everyone's right to free speech; even when that speech is offensive. Therefore, the German minister should simply ignore the group and not give them more media attention.

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