The HBO Now App is not working. Are we too concerned with television viewing?

  • Excessive television watching is diminising the art of communication.

    HBO now allows one to view their favorite HBO show whether they are at home or on the go. It is all great for use at home especially if you want to look at your shows anywhere in the house. On the other hand, looking at television while you are at an event, instead of socializing with other individuals, is in my opinion in poor taste. Families and people in general no longer communicate. Instead everyone is on some form of device. Let us leave the television watching for home, and learn to communicate more we might actually learn something about our friends and loved ones around us.

  • TV is taking over our lives.

    TV is an obsession for many Americans today. Instead of spending time with our friends and family members, we stare at a screen, and we panic when we can't access our shows. TV in and of itself is not bad, but how upset people get over the HBO app not working proves that we are addicted.

  • Either an app or a service device, television keeps hogging our time.

    I believe that too many Americans who make less than $150,000.00 a year spend too many hours soaking up digital television as an escape rather than working on what they want to escape from. Many homes have multiple televisions, multiple smart phones, multi other display devices like computers and tablets. Given the great number of access points it's no wonder that so many people are not working on the issues but escaping from them with mindless entertainment.

  • No, we are not too concerned with television viewing.

    Watching television has been a major form of entertainment for decades. Television has become a way for many to relax, and take their mind off more serious matters while being entertained. In recent years, television networks have launched mobile apps for viewers to watch their shows on-the-go. The HBO Now App will have to function better in order to compete with other network apps; otherwise, consumers will stop purchasing this app. In short, no, people are not too concerned with television viewing; they just want their Apps to work properly.

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