The House put out its Benghazi report. Is this merely a political stunt?

  • I believe this si a political stunt

    One of the biggest remarks towards Clinton's campaign is how Benghazi was handled and her email account. The house is trying very hard to justify the email situation, and I believe this "report" is just another way of dodging and trying to place blame everywhere else other than where it should be.

  • Considering a lot of the things surrounding Hillary Clinton with Benghazi I'ds ay yes there is a chance that this might actually be a political stunt.

    Hillary Clinton seems to be a very big player when it comes to the attacks in Benghazi. The House putting out a report dealing with the attacks may effect her campaign in some significant way. Because she is ahead in the polls and possibly on track for campaigning against Trump in the upcoming elections there is a chance that they are sending the information out at this time for political reasons.

  • Yes, Hillary Clinton was in charge, knew the risks, and did nothing" to protect personnel on the ground in Libya

    Hillary Clinton was in charge, knew the risks, and did nothing" to protect personnel on the ground in Libya. Democrats on the Benghazi committee issued their own report a day before Tuesday's release, accusing Republicans of conducting an overzealous investigation. According to a website maintained by committee Democrats, the investigation cost more than $7.1 million, a figure that excludes money spent on investigations by the seven other congressional committees that investigated the attacks.

  • Another report, really?

    Yes, to a certain extent, the latest Benghazi report is a political stunt. It is important to investigate tragic events like this one, but one investigation by a non-partisan group or individual should be enough. A "second opinion" would be reasonable. However, this situation where so many investigations and reports have been issued seems to be purely political.

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