The Houston police shooting victim has sparked a lot of debate: Should he be hailed as a national hero?

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  • No he was black

    Blacks are thugs. Blacks dont want equal rights. They want extra rights. Martin luther king would be rolling in his grave at the rhetoric of the blm movement. Just like trump blames mexicans blm blames whites. They are a hate group plan and simple. A message needs to be called on the blm bs.

  • I don't see why.

    Why should he be hailed as a hero? What did he do that was so significant as for people to hail him as a hero. It would be understandable if he risked his life of course, but in this case he did not, he was merely just there. Just because he's dead he should be hailed as a national hero?

  • No he isn't

    The Houston police shooting victim has sparked a lot of debate. As tragic as his death was, I am, however, confused as to why people would consider him a national hero. He was carrying a gun, even if he did have a permit. America should tighten it's gun laws to prevent this from happening again.

  • No, the shooter should not be hailed as a national hero.

    While much needed debate may come from a shooter's actions, gun violence is never a worthy cause. Hailing shooters as heroes may cause others to enact gun violence on innocent police officers if they believe it is an effective method to spark social change. Perpetuating violence will not solve anything. Instead, by condemning the shooter and promoting and enforcing peace between citizens and police officers, meaningful progress is more likely.

  • Dallas shooting victim should not be viewed as a hero

    The victim of the shooting in Dallas should not be viewed as a hero because his actions have only spurred fears of an America being torn apart by violence. With the increased instances of such shootings, the victim is another example of individuals who have been misguided by a personal agenda.

  • No, he shouldn't

    While I absolutely understand that the shooter in Dallas had ample reason to be furious, great change in this nation has hardly ever been because of violence. The right for African-Americans to vote and own property, desegregation, women's suffrage, and marriage equality where non-violent movements. Deadly force should be that absolute last resort in anything. If he was being violently harassed, beaten, threatened to be shot, ext, violent action would be more excusable, but the Dallas PD was do their job to a T. They were protecting peaceful protesters from harm and allowing them to exercise their right of assembly and speech. He killed innocent officers doing their job.

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