• The Hunger Games

    The Hunger Games is a well thought out, layered, and well written story, with characters that each have meaning in the story. Divergent, however, had highly inconsistent writing, had a story that didn't make sense even for a dystopian future, and the characters were terrible. We were forced to wait three books just to find out what a divergent is, and the fight scenes were worse written than the love story between Tris amd Four.

  • How is there even a contest?

    I have never been bored by the Hunger Games series whereas with the Divergent series, I feel as if I was cheated. It took three books to say that being Divergent was....(I won't spoil it for anybody)
    It was just crap to me, that all that was because people didn't have a certain thing. I think Roth had a good idea with the first two books and when it came to define Divergence or show what it was in the third book, her thoughts and expectations didn't come as clear and failed to live up to the hype,

  • The Hunger Games

    Divergent is an easier read but The Hunger Games is a more layered and complex story. And while the characters might suffer more for the plot, it all comes together in the end while Divergent's ending did not. Hunger Games was just a more serious, engaging, and thought provoking book.

  • Hunger Games relates better to the younger population

    The Hunger Games appeals more to the younger generation because the characters are their own age, Katniss and Peeta are 16 and you can understand the characters more then you could with Divergent. In the Hunger Games you can't put the book down because there's that suspense that comes with the rebellion and specially the President.

  • Stories within stories!

    There's a wonderful love story between Tris and Tobias, and you're always wondering what will happen next! Everyone can relate to Tris and what she feels during her journey of initiation. Also, the made up futuristic faction world is captivating and engaging. It's a world majority of us would love to explore and live in for a few days, and while reading "Divergent," we can feel like we're living in their world and being an initiate in Dauntless initiation.

  • Divergent for the win!

    Now, for every one here, I have heard some bad things about Allegiant and I will be starting it soon, but haven't yet.

    The Hunger Games is one of my favorite series of all time. But Divergent is better. Everything great in the Hunger Games is great, but Divergent takes everything to the extreme. To those of you who have read the Hunger Games, but not Divergent, read it right away. I don't promise this, as some people's tastes differ from mine, but I believe that it will be an amazing book experience for you.

    And, for those of you who like the Hunger Games because you've only seen the movie:
    And to those of you who think it looks like a romance book/movie: I don't like romance books/movies.

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