The IMF warns the U.S. over its high poverty rate. Is decreased government funding responsible?

  • Yes, government need to stop sending the IMF money

    "The economy is in good shape".
    Famous words also used by Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and George Bush just before crashes.The economy may look like it is in good shape because the richest 1% are doing well, but I think the middle class and working poor would beg to differ. Businesses and corporations make all decisions about who they hire, how much they pay and the benefits they provide with few regulations if they pay any attention to regulations at all. It is nonsense that undocumented labor from south of the border has much influence on how one hundred million plus workers who are citizens are treated by the people who hire them. What is well documented in the United States is how little respect employers have for workers whether they are documented or not.

  • Decreased government funding leads to high poverty rates

    The International Monetary Fund issued a warning to the United States regarding the astronomical poverty rate in the country. This high poverty rate is due to the reduced financial support that the United States has given to government programs that are designed to help alleviate the problems that the country's poorest individuals face.

  • Decreased government responsible for higher poverty rate

    The IMF has warned the U.S. over its high poverty rate. It seems clear that decreased governmental funding for various safety net programs is responsible. This includes funding for programs such as Head Start, decreased financial aid that would allow people to receive a higher education to pull themselves out of poverty, and welfare that has failed to keep up.

  • No, decreased government funding is not responsible for higher poverty.

    Many in the United States have experienced stagnant or declining wages, and diminishing economic opportunities. These problems, however, are not the result of decreased government spending. They are actually caused by too much business regulations that hold back companies from expanding their operations. This lack of business spending hurts job creation and employee pay. In short, decreased government funding is not responsible for the high poverty rate in the United States.

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