• Yes, her numbers are holding steady

    Hillary Clinton's polling numbers have remained relatively steady through the Republican National Convention so far. The RNC is a time when there is an expected bump in the Republican Nominee's poll numbers, but that bump is still eclipsed by Clinton's lead. Come next week Clinton's numbers will grow even larger over Donald Trump's.

  • Yes, she will hold the lead.

    Unless she makes a big mistake between now and the election, Hillary Cliton will hold this lead. She has only dropped below Trump once scince the race started, and now people are starting to forgive and fortget the reason why she lost favor with some people. It will not happen again.

  • Clinton leading again, she will hold this lead

    Clinton leading again, she will hold this lead. This hideous woman is going to win this presidential contest. She appeals to too many net takers from the government, and much less to the producers. In spite of her overwhelming dishonesty and moral shortcomings she will win. God help us all when that happens.

  • I expect Clinton to win.

    I do expect Clinton to hold onto her lead through the general election. Trump may get a decent boost from the FBI report on the Clinton emails as well as the Republican Convention, but Clinton will get a boost from her convention too. Trump's high negative ratings will prevent him from winning.

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