• Enough is enough

    I do think that it's time to stop making Star Trek films. The older movies are what people really want to see, and the newer movies just are not the same. They are just trying to squeeze more money out of the franchise by making new films, but I think that the time has come to stop.

  • No, they should not stop making new films.

    Movie studios should continue making future Star Trek films for fans to enjoy. Star Trek has been a popular television and movie franchise for generations of fans. Yes, there have been several movies made about this series. However, fans continue to enjoy this series, and each new movie is always popular. In short, no, they should not stop making new Star Trek films.

  • They should never stop making Star Trek movies.

    Star Trek introduces a new generation to the wonders of space travel every time a new movie or series comes out. This should never stop. Kids need to discover the wonder of space and Star Trek is a great way to get them involved in science. The Star Trek franchise should continue forever for the benefit of humanity.

  • No, more adventures

    Star Trek is an American staple. It is a fantasy world that we all get to walk into every couple of years when the franchise releases a new movie. For just a few hours we get to forget about our problems and engage in the exploration of the universe. The old trekkies can now bring their kids and relive the adventures together, so keep the movies coming.

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