The Marine Corps has a new training regime that emphasizes gender-neutral standards for combat jobs. Has PC gone too far?

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  • No it just went with the times.

    Everything should be gender neutral. We live in a society of choices and part of that choice is to be represented the way you want to be represented. If you are the only one with a problem with it then you are in the minority and need to let people live their lives.

  • No, this is a positive and inclusive step.

    When we limit military service jobs to only one gender, we are missing out on 50% of our talent. By making standards gender-neutral, we can get the best people who we have to offer, no matter what their sex. By requiring everyone to pass the same regime, we know that we have our best people out there.

  • No, PC has not gone too far

    No, PC has not gone too far. Gender-neutral standards for combat jobs is not a sign that PC has gone too far so long as both genders can do the job equally well. If one person is not as qualified as another person, this is enough to exclude a person from a job without a gender standard.

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