The Marine Corps’ new training regime is meant to emphasize gender-neutral standards for combat jobs. Has PC gone too far?

  • It has gone way to far

    Lowering the standards for our military to conform to PC ways puts OUR troops lives AT RISK, not only of serious injury but of death. If you can't carry your wounded Squad-mate out of a line of fire to safety because your not strong enough then your both going to DIE. Is that really what people want? For our troops to be at more risk of death? Do you not want your parents, children, cousins, siblings, ect, to LIVE and come home to you after their time is up? If you support PC changes to military standards then you obviously don't care about the safety of our troops...

  • Yes, PC has gone too far.

    Political correctness in the military has gone too far with the Marine Corps' new gender-neutral standards for combat jobs. The Marine Corps responsibility should be to develop training that will put the best people in the jobs that match their skill level. The training standards should not have to conform to politically correct standards that might jeopardize the safety of Marines.

  • This is A Practical Change

    By changing the standards of the Marine Corps, you show that women and men are equally capable of serving their country. If the standards weren't equal it would show that one gender is viewed as weaker than the other. This isn't simply a matter of being politically correct but instead is a practical case of equality for men and women.

  • No, gender-neutral standards for combat jobs are great.

    Combat jobs should be assigned based on physicality, ability, and skill. There is nothing that says that men are inherently better than women at combat. Some men are better than some women at it, sure, but there can be no doubt that some women are better warriors than many men. PC has not gone too far.

  • No, gender awareness does not equal political correctness.

    No, PC has not gone beyond normal limits with recognizing gender-neutral standards. A soldier should not have to be gender specific. The training regiment should be inclusive of both male and female since females are allowed to join the ranks of the Marines. With having verbiage that is neutral, it eliminates awkward phrasing specific to one gender or another. Marine is gender neutral, and neither specifies male nor female. Therefore, the training is being update to be inclusive rather than exclusive to a single sex.

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