The Mega Millions drawing is up to $508 million. Does this entice you to play?

  • Everyone wants to win a lottery

    Mega Millions drawings are held Tuesday and Friday evening. The game seems easy enough. Five balls are picked from balls numbered 1 to 75, and one ball is chosen from 1 to 15. You must match all the drawn numbers on your row of numbers on your ticket to win. Additionally, there are other ways to win with the additional number drawn. The greater the jackpot, the more enticing it is to play. Sometimes, people who win large lotteries go into hiding for fear of their safety. Everyone wants to win; however, not everyone welcomes the spotlight and the invasion of privacy - being in the news, having pictures taken. The tickets cost $1 per play. Why wouldn't anyone not want to play and win?

  • Yes, when the Mega Millions drawing is up to $508 million, I am enticed to play.

    Yes, when the Mega Millions drawing is up to $508 million, I am enticed to play. While I understand that the statistical probability of winning is extremely small, playing when the jackpot is very large is simply like playing for a fantasy. As such, that makes it like simply playing a fun game for a day.

  • No, I am not enticed.

    When the lottery is up this high, everyone is rushing to buy a ticket, which makes the odds that I will win even lower. Yes, the jackpot is larger, and that is nice, but even a few million is more than I really want or need to live a comfortable life.

  • No, it is a trap.

    The Mega Millions rising to $508 million does not entice me to play reason being it is a trap to lure people to keep playing. The more they play the more they loose. I would rather go out there, work hard and earn the little to sustain me than play in futility.

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