The Mets acquired Jay Bruce in a trade. Will this make the team a playoff contender?

  • Yes; the aquisition of perennial All-Star Jay Bruce bolsters a team still in the playoff hunt

    Prior to trading for Bruce, the Mets boasted one of the best starting pitching staffs in baseball, while ranking just 13th in the National League in runs scored. At the time of the trade, Bruce led the majors in RBI, becoming the first player traded during the season while leading the league in the category, according to Elias Sports Bureau.

  • The Mets' recent trade makes them contenders

    The Mets have acquired Jay Bruce in a trade, making the team a playoff contender. Currently, they are only a few games out of first and a couple of games behind in the wild card race. Jay Bruce adds a much needed bat, which will take pressure off the pitching staff.

  • I don't believe the aquisition of Jay Bruce by the Mets will make the team a playoff contender.

    I've never believed in the concept of the star player. Many teams over the decades have gone to great lengths to lure star athletes to their team in hopes of achieving greatness. While the talents of certain star athletes definitely improves the game of some teams, success still depends on the cohesion of the team as a whole. I have seen on many occasions teams with no star players win against star-studded teams. Granted, this does not happen regularly but it makes a strong point that teamwork is what wins games and titles, not always the strong shoulders of a star player.

  • Even with Jay Bruce, Mets face long playoff odds

    Jay Bruce provides some much needed offensive power to the Mets. But they need more than just him to be a real playoff contender. He does improve their lineup, undermines their outfield defense. The Mets now have about a 27 percent chance of making it to a wild-card game, but there are six other teams with a better chance.

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