The Minnesota Vikings won their preseason game against the Chargers. Will the Vikings make the playoffs?

  • Yes, they will.

    The Chargers are another great team with a great lineup. It is almost certain that they will be one of the top teams this season based on their pre-season performance. THey are almost certain to win many of their games during the season and go on to continue in the playoffs.

  • Preseason results don't matter, but the Vikings will likely make the playoffs again.

    Fans of the Minnesota Vikings should not place much stock in their preseason win against the San Diego Chargers. NFL preseason games are a poor measure of the teams' ability and potential, as the rosters typically contain more than double the number of players, nearly all of which see the field. Therefore, teams can win games based on their 90-man depth rather than the performance of the 30-some players most likely to see the field in a regular season game. However, while preseason is a poor measure of a team's capabilities, the Vikings will likely make the playoffs. One wild card slot in the NFC will likely be filled by the second place finisher of the NFC West - either the Seahawks or the Cardinals. The NFC East and NFC South are both weak divisions unlikely to produce a wild card contender, unless the Buccaneers make major strides. Thus, the Vikings make an easy choice for a playoff berth, as they will likely secure the second wild card slot even if they lose the NFC North to the Packers.

  • I think they will sneak into a wild card slot

    Although the Packers are once again the class of the NFC North, the Vikings have a shot to slip in after them and claim a wild card spot. Peterson is still a great running back, and this is the year that Teddy Bridgewater should finally take that big leap forward. If the defense can hold their own, the Vikings have a great chance at making the postseason.

  • Yes, the vikings will not make the playoffs.

    The Vikings had not really had a strong showing since the duo of Brett Farve and Adrian Peterson, but last year they managed to surprise all critics. This year they will do the same. They have a strong roster through the middle, and a shiny new stadium always adds a little extra motivation.

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