The new series "Kevin Can Wait" aired. Is this merely his old series recycled?

  • Kevin Can Wait is a recycled effort

    The new series, Kevin Can Wait, is a recycled version of his old series, The King of Queens. He plays the some type of blue collar character. It is even in Long Island, near where his old character lived. He still has an attractive wife, and a cast of blue collar friends surrounding him.

  • The comedy hasn't changed.

    The new Kevin Can Wait series is a about a police officer and a family. That is not a premise that varies significantly from the premise of the last show. The comedy hasn't changed. While it is a remake of the old show, it is still nice to see a comedian performing the act that makes him happy. Just because it is recycled, doesn't mean it isn't good.

  • It sounds like 'Part 2'

    Kevin Can Wait sounds like part two of the Kevin James saga. Yes, it's about a retired policeman and his post-job family adventures, but the character interaction and the sitcom setting, it sounds like it will be more of the King of Queens type show. It will be family characters playing off of each other for laughs.

  • It's a lot different.

    I've always liked Kevin James, so I thought that his new series was entertaining. Of course, he has some of the same characteristics that he had in his other show, but these are his trademarks. The cast and the plot line were completely different, so it's not a recycled version of The King of Queens.

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