The next Destiny expansion: Do companies charge too much for expansions to their games?

  • Expansions cost too much

    Most of the time when you buy an expansion for a game, it costs the same amount as the original game costs. It also has a smaller amount of content and game play time. To play the expansion, you also have to purchase the original game as well. I think these expansions should be reduced by at least half the cost of the original game it is adding to.

  • Yes, they do.

    What companies label as downloadable content used to be considered part of the whole game just a few years ago. Video game companies now sell unfinished games, then sell the other parts of the game, calling it DLC. I believe video game companies should return to selling whole entire games.

  • Not if people pay it

    If people pay the asking price than it is not too much. If the expansion is not selling for the asking price, then yes, they are charging too much. If the company is selling tens of thousand of the expansions, then it seems like they are charging the right price.

  • No, death is too easy an end

    I personally believe that the death penalty is not justifiable. The taking of someone's life is a burden that I would not wish to carry. The possibility that the person was unjustly convicted is too high. There is also something to be said for death being too easy for some offenses. Having to life a life in prison and face the suffering of that for the remainder of one's life, at times seems a preferable punishment.

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