The Oakland Raiders lost in their final preseason game. Should the final preseason game be eliminated?

  • Yes, the final preseason game should be eliminated.

    The final preseason game should be eliminated. Four preseason games is too many to watch. Most fans get tired of watching these games, because they have no bearing on the regular season. Yes, these preseason games give more players a chance to hit the field, but they can also lead to injuries too.

  • Preseason games are pointless

    Season ticket holders must purchase separate tickets for preseason games. The players receive only a training-camp per diem for their participation in the preseason football games. Their salary does not begin until the official start of the season, yet they could receive an injury that puts them out for the year.

  • No pre season is important

    It might not be important for veteran and establish player but it is for rookie and younger player, that give them a chance to show off and a chance to make a place on the team and for coaches to see their effective and a chance to make a better choice for their final roster

  • No, it doesn't need to be eliminated.

    No, the preseason game doesn't have to be eliminated. It's more like a practice game that the public gets to see. So long as people realize it's not the actual season yet, it's not a big deal. Let the players have their final preseason game, and don't worry too much about who wins and who loses.

  • The final preseason game should remain

    The National Football League should keep the final preseason game. Many teams no longer play their starters for most, or even any, of the game. However, it is useful for players on the bubble fighting for a roster spot. Coaches need a game, against a similar level of competition, to proper judge the talent.

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