The Olympic water has turned green because of algae issues. Would you dive into it if you were in the Olympics?

  • Olympics are huge

    Yes, I would probably dive into the green water if I were in the Olympics (not likely to happen). Athletes work a lifetime to make it to the Olympics in their particular sport. It is a huge honor as well as a responsibility to their home countries who have asked them to represent the country. It would be difficult for an athlete to turn away.

  • There is no indication that the green Olympic water is harmful

    The green Olympic water attracted a lot of attention and was the subject of many jokes. As a result, the Olympic officials conducted test to determine the cause and find out if there was any danger for Olympic swimmers. The green water turned out to be little more than a hiccup in the games and not a dangers to swimmers. I would dive in.

  • Non non nononono

    Old pipes used copper, brazil has old pipes that is contaminating the water. Thus RIO should fix their pipes, preferably before a huge festival.

    Either that its algea in the water. I would imagine the water being too toxic to form green tides, but eh maybe. The color is too clear for it to be algea though.

  • No, I would not dive into the green Olympic water until they cleaned out the pool

    No, I would not dive into the green Olympic water until they cleaned out the pool. The fact that the water is green suggests that there is something wrong with it and that it should not be swallowed. Even if it is just algae, this could be unhealthy for a swimmer or diver to get into.

  • No, it could affect performance.

    No, I would not dive into algae infested water to compete in the Olympics. First of all, if algae is allowed to grow, that means bacteria and other harmful substances could also be growing in the water. Second, being covered in algae would certainly negatively affect a diver or swimmer's performance.

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