The other 2 USA swimmers who say they were with Ryan Lochte during robbery have been pulled off their plane at Rio airport. Are they lying?

  • They might be lying.

    I don't know exactly what is going on in Rio, but there is definitely something shady going on. The Brazilian authorities are not known for their honesty, and the stories of the swimmers keep changing. The United States and Brazil need to work together to get to the bottom of this.

  • No, the money and means that they have make it unlikely that they would make up a story like this

    Why would these Olympic USA swimmers make up a story like this when they have the money and means to live in the lap of luxury? It doesn't make sense that they would make this up. It's possible they simply misplaced the wallet, but it's more likely that it was stolen as reported.

  • It's happened to a lot of people

    That kind of crime is fairly common in Rio. In fact, the taxi driver was probably in on the scheme. Another British athlete reported that the same thing happened to him. Rio and IOC officials want to pretend that it hasn't happened because they want to gloss it over and protect their image.

  • No reason to lie

    No, it doesn't seem the other two USA swimmers who were with Ryan Lochte during the robbery are lying. There is no obvious reason for them to lie. It seems like a huge deal being made out of something so simple. Anytime there is a huge event like this, there will be petty crimes taking place. There's no need for a big cover-up or scandal.

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