The PlayStation Network is down for many. Will this hurt Sony's reputation?

  • The PlayStation Network being down will hurt Sony's reputation.

    Without the PlayStation Network, thousands of people are without access to their games, apps, Netflix and more. Being disconnected from your main source of entertainment is a major inconvenience and will definitely cause a drop in Sony's reliability. If the network is down, it could possibly lead to digital content being lost and personal information to being hacked.

  • Sony's reputation will not be hurt

    Sony's reputation will not be hurt by the PlayStation's network going down for many users. This is an isolated incident, and many other companies that are online experience temporary outages. Although it is frustrating for users, it is not uncommon. Networks go down, despite companies putting resources in to ensure their reliability.

  • Problems Don't Affect Bigger Picture

    If the network is down, it will be back up and running in no time due to the employees at these corporations who know how to handle problems that arise all the time in their line of work. Sony's reputation is safe because they are so huge and popular. Loyal customers do not up and leave at the first sign of an issue that is easily rectified.

  • No, it won't hurt Sony's reputation in the long run.

    Gamers will be upset for a while and will say they're going to switch to a different gaming system. But eventually they'll get over it and forget about this issue. All major companies have disruptions at some point especially when it comes to technology. Sony will be fine in the long run.

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