The Princess and the Frog was the last Disney movie to be 2-D animated. Should Disney go back to 2-D whilst also doing their 3-D?

Asked by: SegBeg
  • I think it would be nice.

    I get that technology is advancing and all but I kind of miss Disney's 2-D animated films. It made them feel more classy. I have nothing against the 3-D films. There's tons I love like, Toy Story, Tangled, the Incredibles, Finding Nemo and Frozen, but you know, the 2-D ones like Lion King, The Little Mermaid, etc they're the ones I grew up with as well and I'd just like to see more of them. I'm not saying Disney should scrap their 3-D films because I LOVE them. All I'd like is if they also went back to their 2-D films along with their 3-D films. I miss that Disney!

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