The Purge: Election Year shows politics in a bad light: Is it in poor taste to produce such a movie during an election year?

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  • No it is not in poor taste

    It is not poor taste to highlight and critique politics during any year - even an election year. It is the biggest responsibility of media to speak the truth to power, and they can employ a wide range of techniques to do this. That can sometimes seem indelicate or. unnecessary, but it is an artist's prerogative to make a point how they see fit. Though this movie may be violent and hard to watch, it may make a valid point.

  • No, we live in a scary times...

    It’s like the Brexit campaign, then. Since last week, South Asians in Britain have been getting punched in their masses. Even a Native American living in Manchester got decked on the tram. Scary times. The mayor actually encouraged rioters to “vent.” That’s scary as hell, and reality today in the U.S.
    We’ve long since passed satire…

  • Politics is usually seen in a bad light, regardless of the year

    There aren't many movies that show politics in a positive light. And unfortunately the stories we see in the news regarding our politicians exemplifies this. Any Hollywood film that has politics as its theme shouldn't be deterred in releasing their film just because it's an election year. Most research shows that people generally have their mind made up as to what they think or who they are going to vote for. While the Hollywood film may lead to people talking, it won't lead to a change of opinions.

    When the movie "W" was released, those who hated the real W went and saw it, while those who loved him didn't. Or if they did see the film, they regarded it as more "liberal propaganda," and didn't let it affect them.

  • What does an election year have to do with it?

    Politics doesn't need a movie about crime and murder to come across in a bad light. American politics is the most vile, pathetic and vitriolic organism on planet earth. No movie could possibly make the system look worse than it really is. If an election would be impacted by a weird movie, let us hope it would be at least a comedy.

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