The Republican Party has been accused of spreading fear against Hispanics and other groups. Is the party spreading prejudice?

  • Ohh no he is not.. OHHHHHH yes he is.

    If you support Trump you support prejudice, its part of the packet. Trump is the mouth piece of the Republican party so by defacto a prejudiced party. Its the lowest from of politics, have no real polices to speak of just keep pumping up the crowds in the knowledge that anger and fear cloud any realistic judgement on the worth of their words. By cosying up to the religious right the republicans take on those prejudices against the LGBT communities, science, other religions. The rise of Trump has added Mexicans, Muslims, women and any other dumb idea that gets him notoriety. This is not confined to the US, prejudiced rhetoric against smaller less powerful communities is the goto for these kinds of people. The world is in a darker place than 20 years ago the likes of Trump and this incarnation of the republican party are a reaction to that.

  • They cite hate speech as the truth.

    The Republican party has been notorious for it's intolerance over the years but the deep hole they are in now is due in large part to the wild rantings of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. Trump has made a mockery of a party that has endured a long line of jackasses and morons. Trump spouts off hate speech like it is going out of style and claims it to be the truth, playing off of the ignorance of the average American. The GOP may not have been responsible for the words coming out of Trump's mouth, but instead of shutting him down, they allowed him to go on and continue to tarnish the already muddy name of the GOP.

  • Yes, from all the news stories I read, it definitely seems that the Republican Party of today is spreading prejudice.

    Yes, I am reading horror stories of things spoken by Republican Party leaders that makes me wonder, what year is this? So much prejudice against so many people is emanating from the Republican Party. It's hard to believe that in this day and age they can subscribe to so much fear and try to spread this fear to the general public.

  • Members of the party are spreading prejudice, not the party itself.

    While there have been select members of the Republican Party, most notably Donald Trump, spreading fear and prejudice toward specific ethnic groups, I do not believe the Republican Party as a whole is spreading prejudice. Unfortunately, with Trump now chosen as the party's nominee, his views have come to stand for the general views of the party, casting a very negative light on the Republican Party, making it seem as though these incredibly prejudiced views are consistent across the entire party.

  • Facts aren't prejudice.

    I get tired of everyone crying prejudice and racism when politicians are just saying facts. Pointing out some of the crime problems in Hispanic communities isn't racist if it is true. In the same manner, stating facts regarding other minorities is not always prejudiced. Everyone needs to stop getting so insulted about everything.

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