The role of teachers has lost its significance with information technology enabled learning

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  • Tes it is coz teachers r now themselves relying on computer.....Easy solution 2 problems is google it oout

    A computer is an electronic device which has the ability to receive, transform data into information while a teacher on the other hand is a person who provides education for pupils (children) and students (adults). Computers have an advantage over teachers because they cannot get tired, they have been programmed to analyse people, have human driven qualities like patience.
    To begin with, computers do not have blood running through their veins and so do not get tired as humans do. A computer can teach pupils for twenty four hours a day without taking a rest.
    Furthermore, computers have a character of patience since they are machines. They can recite an “ABC” song over and over again for a thousand times without screaming at children but humans will become angry and furious at these little children after the eight songs.
    Another fact is that, computers can analyse and detects faults in whatever event the student partake in. For instance, a computer can know that this particular student is finding it hard to differentiate between this and that even when it was being recited loudly. Humans do not have such qualities even the psychologists.

  • Significance of Learning

    Technology does not make us smart, one should not confuse or misappropriate convenience with smartness. John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert, the same creators of the computer were first students themselves, taught by teachers of University of Pennsylvania to make use of the cohesion of their brilliant minds over a period of time to forge your glorified convenience of the present day now called 'Technology'.
    Technology itself has lost its definition of origin; an art, craft, skill or simply being cunning at hand, to the likes of mechanics- bolts, screws sprockets, electrical stuff- something that makes work easier. The meaning of Technology has been dubbed down and redefined to some cross-defined word- Convenience!
    But, Convenience has many faces; It is Convenience that gives a kid some electrical device with a screen and some buttons to learn their ABC's by themselves. It is Convenience that allows a child to know no more or less than the zeros and ones of programmable binary translated into standard humans language for that is all they will every regurgitate with little meaning or thought. And for adults, it is more than enough, for the adults was ones kids too. Those same tools and quizzes were handcrafted by the same teachers you have lost significance for. The same teacher who pops up on your monitor screen when you have found purpose for a human being.

  • Think About It

    Yeah , because everything you read on the internet is true. And of course, every person is intelligent and well informed enough to be able to successfully navigate through all of the nonsense, click bait, troll bait, lies, incorrect information, and all of the other improper sources out there. The U.S. is already terrible in education in comparison internationally, why not give us even greater opportunity to look like morons. But hey, we have already instilled in our youth that success and victory are not important as long as you try by handing out participation awards, taking score keeping out of youth sports, lowering educational standards, lowering the percentage of correct answers required on tests in order to pass, and more. When I was in school, you needed to at least score 76% for a passing grade...Proving you understand over 3/4 of tested knowledge; now barely getting half of the information correct is considered a passing grade. That being stated, Americans can just go against the global grain and just start scoring our knowledge based on golf scores...Lowest grades wins. LOL

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