The Shallows movie is in theaters. Do you think it will compare to Jaws?

  • The Shallows movie is a must watch.

    The Shallows movie is a must watch being a suspense thriller and the next major movie about sharks after Jaws. Most reviews seem to have very positive comments about Blake Lively's performance, as a woman stranded on a rock and hunted by several sharks. The terrifying fear of such a situation is what most of the movie goers would experience in The Shallows.

  • The Shallows is as much a thriller as Jaws

    There are parallels between The Shallows and Jaws. Surfer Nancy gets bit in the leg by a dangerous shark in Mexico. just like the swimmer in the opening sequence of Jaws. However, the shark bite in The Shallows is only the beginning for this person. Nancy seeks refuge from her attack on an island, and spends the rest of the movie trying to fend off the shark that bit her. She is alone, and must fend for herself. The whole time, she is waiting for someone to rescue her. Obviously, there are similarities between the movies: ocean suspense, danger, the quest to find and overtake the shark. Just as in Jaws, the shark in The Shallows will not let go of its victim. It seems like Nancy has more determination than the shark, and it is likely the shark will meet the same demise as the Jaws shark. It makes for an entertaining evening.

  • How, its Jaws

    "Quite simply, Jaws is a masterclass in blockbuster entertainment -- a tense, exciting thriller that redefined contemporary cinema. They don't make them like this anymore." - movie critic Simon Reynolds;
    Jaws is one of those stepping stone movies. Why do some movies become classics while others fade into obscurity? There are countless other elements that go into a great film, of course: clever script, exhilarating cinematography, visual cues, memorable dialogue, good pacing, and fine acting. This film has it all. Many of the other Spielberg classics, from Jurassic Park to, yes, even Schindler’s List, borrowed from techniques he mastered during Jaws. It's a Picasso in movies

  • No, it will not compare to Jaws.

    The movie Jaws has become a legend, a cult classic. The new film The Shallows will not be able to compare to Jaws. It would be difficult for any movie to compare to such an iconic film. There are some similarities between the two films with victims attacked by killer sharks. However, there is just no way for The Shallows to compare to Jaws.

  • Jaws is a classic.

    While I am sure the effects are greatly enhanced and the movie more realistic, I do not think the "The Shallows" will compare to the movie "Jaws". "Jaws" is a classic, and even though it may not translate as well with more contemporary audiences who are used to hyper-realism, it still remains an incredible, iconic cinematic venture. The score alone will always keep "Jaws" at the top of my list of must-see shark movies.

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