The Supreme Court struck down Obama's immigration plan: Was it the right decision?

  • Yes, the more pertinent question is: How much is it going to cost to NOT deport them, and to NOT stop them from illegally coming ?

    How is the law not being faithfully executed? Illegals are being deported, it is the order of the people being deported that Obama changed. More people have been deported under Obama than previous administrations. He hasn't decided not to enforce the law. He is enforcing it in order, not just grabbing all illegals and treating them all the same. Big deal.

  • Yes, Society Need For Justice Must Be Balanced With Just Concequenses

    Society has to have negative consequences to negative activity. The negative consequences must be equal to the degree in which society does not wish that negative activity to continue. The consequence should also be relative to the value of that which is lost or destroyed. In the death penalty, this is achieved. The highest consequence applied to the most negative societal behavior, of equal impact to that which is lost to the most possible way. This goes beyond deterrence. This is justice.

  • Yes, the Supreme Court made the right decision.

    President Obama attempted to bypass congress by issuing an executive order legalizing millions of undocumented immigrants when Congress refused to do so. The president is not allowed to write his own laws; only enforce laws passed by congress. Therefore, the supreme court made the correct decision in striking down President Obama's immigration plan.

  • Obama has good ideas regarding the immigration

    You can say a lot of things about Obama's presidency, but you cannot deny his desire to leave some good legacy behind him. First being "Obamacare" and now reformation of immigration procedure. I think that many new progressive ideas in the United States will be blocked in the future by the Republicans. I just hope that some ideas Bernie Sanders introduced will continue to live on.

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