The Trump campaign is trying to move past the Ukraine report. Will this hound Trump throughout the election cycle?

  • Yes, this will hound Trump throughout the election cycle.

    The Ukraine report will likely hound Donald Trump's campaign throughout the election cycle. Trump often hurts himself with thoughtless comments, so he does not have much sympathy in the media. Therefore, reporters are likely to continue making this an issue for the remainder of the campaign. At this point, there is probably little Trump can do to salvage his campaign.

  • The Trump campaign will be hounded by the Ukraine report

    The Trump campaign will continue to be hounded by the Ukraine report. The New York Times showed that Trump's campaign manager received millions in campaign contributions from Ukraine's ruling party. The newspaper uncovered a secret ledger. This activity is now being investigated, and undercuts Trump's message that Hillary Clinton is unsavory.

  • It's a minor detail.

    I don't think that this Ukraine report was good for Trump, but I don't think it will be the end of his campaign. Hey, if people still support Hillary after the Benghazi fiasco and the fact that the FBI said that she was extremely irresponsible with classified information, this is nothing for Trump!

  • It'll last until the next slip-of-the-lip

    Donald Trump has no filter -- if he thinks it, he says it. This has gotten him into trouble more than once in the campaign. So much so, I wouldn't want to count the number of times (though the Washington Post probably will). No single issue will haunt Trump through the election cycle, because his next faux pas is only a day or two away.

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