The U.K. voted to leave the EU. Will this be bad for the world economy?

  • Yes, this will be bad for the World economy.

    The United Kingdom's vote to leave the European Union will have a negative impact on the global economy. Many experts believe this event could signal the beginning of the end for the European Union by creating further economic uncertainty in the continent. Furthermore, Great Britain and Europe will lose out on free trade if deals are not negotiated before Britain's exit. Also, financial markets and currencies will likely be roiled by the vote.

  • The initial stages of the U.K. would not be good for the world economy

    It is quick evident in the markets today that the "Brexit" has resulted in the UK dollar plummeting in value. This would certainly have a negative effect on trading and the world economy. It would mean the goods in the UK would be more expensive and travel to the UK would also become more expensive. This exit could possibly destabilize the rest of the EU.

  • Britain's Exit from the EU Impacts the Global Economic Climate

    Great Britain's vote to leave the EU is already demonstrating a negative impact on the global economy. The long-term impact cannot be measured at this time, but an important component of the EU is the trust and permeable borders that exist between member nations; the network of a unified Europe. Termination of membership disrupts this trust. It undermines all the bonds of the EU because Britain has been a primary stakeholder in the EU since its creation. The world economy continues to globalize, but Britain has taken a step away from progress shifting to a more isolationist stance. As a high-profile EU member, it has rocked confidence in the European economy and fluid trade as a whole.

  • Britain's exit from the EU will not be bad for the world economy

    Britain's exit from the EU will not be bad for the world economy, at least in the long term. Today, markets are panicking as they are prone to do when uncertain events like this take place. Eventually, markets will settle down and everything will get back to normal. Britain was once outside the E.U. and did just fine. It will do fine again.

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