The U.S. moves nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania. Will this be safer?

  • It's slightly better.

    I think that the U.S. decision to move nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania is a good idea considering all of the unrest and problems in the country of Turkey. However, there is no perfect option when it comes to nuclear weapons since they are so deadly, and political climates can change overnight.

  • Yes, it will.

    Turkey is experiencing a period of civil unrest right now, so it makes sense that the US would move these weapons. Even if they are safe and protected by US soldiers, there is no telling who might try to get their hands on them. It is safer to move them to a more peaceful country.

  • There is corruption in Romania

    Most of the Internet hacking around the world happens in Romania. In Romania there are big problems with orphaned children, a poor economy and crime. Romania will not be any easier to trust than Turkey. There is still fraud, the mistrust that is inevitable in international relations, and the concern that Romania will sell out to Russia or another country for profits.

  • No, there is no safe location for nuclear weapons.

    No, the move of nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania is not safer in the long term. Nuclear weapons are inherently unsafe; that's why they're weapons, as opposed to nuclear technology in general, which has come a long way toward greater safety. Further, the political landscape is always shifting, and no country can be counted upon to be a safe haven for such weaponry.

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