The U.S. National Park Service just turned 100 years old, Should the federal government set aside more land?

  • Yes, the governemnt needs to set aside more land for the National Parks now or it will never happen.

    With the National Parks turning 100 years old, it begs the question on whether or not more land should be set aside for national parks in the United States. The answer simply is yes, due to the fact that the urbanization of the U.S. is at such a peak that lands that could have been set aside for national parks will no longer be present by the end of this next century. It's not simply a matter of what if there is no more land to set aside, but is a matter of when there will be no more land to set aside.

  • If we don't save it now it will be gone forever

    People for hundreds of years seemed to think that there was a never ending supply of land in the United States, but now we have to be more aware that there are fewer and fewer wild places left. If we don't set aside as much of this land as possible now, it will all be gone.

  • Natural resources need protection from federal government

    When people are left to utilize land as they wish, without any protections in place, many natural resources are damaged or destroyed. What one person does on their land can affect others and future generations. More land should be set aside by the federal government in the interest of protecting natural resources.

  • All national park even the big as the little ones, need protection under federal law

    National park is essential to preserve identity of a country. More land added, the more protected our identity is. Moreover, Adding new parks in the range can create jobs and strengthen economy. So i suggest federal government to list all the parks and allocate resources to protect them. We need them.

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