The U.S. stock market plunged at the opening following the results of the Brexit vote. Will markets recover quickly?

  • Markets will recover from the Brexit vote

    Markets, as they are prone to do, panic over the very smallest of events. For large ones like Brexit, the panic is magnified. But, one thing always holds true - the markets bounce back. Rather than panic, people should look at this, and potential future exits, as magnificent stock buying opportunities.

  • Yes, financial markets will recover quickly.

    Financial markets often overreact to unexpected events. Most believed that Great Britain would opt to remain in the European Union. Therefore, markets were caught off guard when the British voted to leave the Euro-Zone. However, nothing has really changed yet, and there is likely to be an orderly negotiation regarding Britain's exit; so it is likely that the markets will recover quickly.

  • I agree that the U.S. Stock Market will recover quickly.

    I agree that the U.S. stock market will recover quickly because buyers were given a Brexit bonus following the plunge. The market place should return to normal soon. The stock market goes through fluctuations like this all the time. Buyers should not be deterred, incidences like this are unavoidable at best.

  • The Brexit Vote Makes Market Recovery Uncertain

    Great Britain's vote caused a plunge in the U.S. stock market this morning, and a quick recovery is not certain given that we have not seen how the shockwaves from the vote will be changing the shape of the European economy. We do know the that the workforce and trade components of EU membership created a more unified and seemingly stronger Europe. The socio-political and socio-economic results of this vote are likely to continue to impact the U.S. market and global markets because stock markets are series of speculations and risks. When the bedrock on which those speculations are made and risks are taken shifts, investors become more cautious.

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