The United States experiences approximately 75% of all tornadoes in the world. Does the government do enough to deal with the fallout?

  • Yes, the government does enought to deal with the fallout.

    The United States government invests a lot of resources in dealing with the aftermath of tornadoes. Yes, the United States receives the vast majority of tornadoes in the world, but there is nothing that can be done to stop these storms. The government does a good job of assisting those impacted by tornadoes.

  • Governments Not Doing Enough For Climate Change

    Climate change is bringing about extreme changes to our planet's weather. Flooding, tornadoes and wildfires are on the rise, and certain politicians refuse to believe it has any correlation to global warming. Political leaders are hesitant to legislate any restrictions on large polluting companies, fearing that it may do harm to the economy. This is a short-sighted approach, and it needs to change immediately.

  • No, the government does not do enough to deal with the fallout of tornados

    There should be more preparation, especially for those living in area where tornados happen frequently. There should be more tornado shelters within neighborhoods and communities. Houses and buildings should be built stronger. It should not be left up to individuals or individual communities to prepare for tornados. Each of the residents living in those areas, pay local, state and federal taxes. Some of those tax dollar should be used to better prepare those communities for tornados.

  • No, the government does not do enough to help tornado victims

    Tornado storms are very unpredictable and the amount of damage they cause is tragic. The very poor are typically impacted the most due to their substandard housing or mobile homes and they are also the ones who can not afford insurance. The government needs to do more for the victims that would go beyond disaster relief, which is just temporary help.

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