The value of the pound drops after "Brexit" vote: will this impact world markets?

  • Yes but only temporarily.

    Yes but only temporarily. Economists have been saying since the referendum was arranged a vote date that it would not have mattered if the Leave or Remain voters had won - the UK would've been fine but if Leave had won then it would effect the markets for some years but it would bounce back afterwards. It was simply a vote on how the country should move forward, with the EU or by itself.

    Big businesses have a lot of work to do though but they'll be fine. A little struggle never hurt anyone... Just ask the citizens they sell too!

  • Yes, This will impact world markets.

    Today's economy is global in nature. People travel easily from one country to another. Most of the goods we buy are manufacturered in more than one country. When a major world power, such as the U.K begins to struggle this is sure to have a direct impact on countries around the globe.

  • Yes, the pound's drop in value will impact world markets.

    Yes, the pound's drop in value after the "Brexit" vote will impact world markets. It is my opinion that, with the level of trade Great Britain engages in, that a decrease in the value of it's official currency will harm the world market. The decrease in value will affect their trading partner's currencies and cause those currencies to also lose value.

  • Yes, the "Brexit" vote will impact world markets.

    I feel the "Brexit" vote not only will but already has affected the world market. I have already witnessed it in tow of my own accounts that were just beginning to recover after January's debacle. While Britain will be much more greatly impacted, the vote will be quite noticeable internationally.

  • The "Brexit" vote has lasting economic implications

    Not long after the "Brexit" vote came through, the value of the pound dropped considerably. I believe that this will impact the world markets in a negative way because of Britain's significant economic contribution to financial exchanges around the world. Long-term, the value of the pound will continue to decline and therefore continue to drag the rest of the markets down with it.

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