The White Man In That Photo: Has The World Made Progress in Racial Inequality Since the 1968 Olympics?

  • In the U.S.

    For the most part, racial equality has greatly improved around the world since those times and especially since the slave days of old. Yes there are a few parts of the world that have made little if any progress, but those are the minorities. Because I have less information about other countries, I can't really state more than that.
    -Here in the U.S. we have made great strides in equality. Not only had racist groups like the KKK went on a great decline but laws on the state and federal level have been put in place not only to prevent racial injustice but to punish those responsible. We were getting closer and closer to a country were race was no longer an issue.
    -Problem is, in recent times, the media has continually claimed racism as a motive for various shootings. This gave the illusion that racism was even more of an issue. As a result, tensions between the races (white and black) have drastically increased and has caused many to divide and take sides, for instance the forming and growth of groups like Black Lives Matter. This may also increase the interest in other groups like the KKK and would not doubt if their numbers are on the rise. This provided another bonus for the media as now they get to report on even more disputes between the races. Well done media. You must be so proud.

  • Yes, we have.

    We have made progress in racial equality. In most countries interracial dating is no longer a crime, and black people are not officially segregated. But there is still a great deal of progress that needs to be made when it comes to changing the hearts and minds of the people.

  • Yes, but more progress is required

    A lot has happened since 1968 in terms of race politics in the world. Apartheid, a policy of racial segregation in South Africa that was created in the 1940s, was repealed in the 1990s. The rise of hip-hop in the 1980s and 1990s has brought black culture into the mainstream and, as a result, has broken down some of the covert racism that existed since the the 1960s in America. But there is still a lot more work that needs to be done. For example, what is being called the new Jim Crow, the American criminal justice system seems to be systematically targeting black males. Certain policies and initiatives need to be set in place to reduce the systematic imprisonment of black males. Since the 1960s, there has been this gradual development in progressive racial politics. But today even this slow process of reform is in danger. We are in the midst of an ominous resurgence of overt racism. People like Donald Trump want to create immigration policy based strictly on skin color. He wants to limit the number of immigrants entering from Latin America, the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. Yet, he shows no similar distaste towards white immigrants from Europe. Moreover, in Northern Europe, there has been an uptick in the following of racist, "heritage" parties that want to reduce immigration from war-torn countries like Syria and Libya. Certainly, we have seen certain developments that have brought the world toward a more progressive race politics. But, at the same time, there are new developments that endanger this slow and gradual progression.

  • We have regressed

    We have regressed on the issue of racial inequality. This is because a racial agenda is always being pushed and people have become resentful on both sides. The more the negatives are focused on the more bitter people will get and the less likely they will be to be civil to someone of another race.

  • Nope. Not in the least.

    No, I don't think we've made progress in racial inequality at all. In fact, I think that racial inequality and racial prejudice have both reverted to what they were even before the '68 Olympics. The few years of "racial equality" in between were apparently just teasers. This society is deteriorating fast.

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