• Yes, there is only 2, in my opinion.

    Look the people that I have seen talk about this have said that they (some) feel both male and female, some feel like gender fluid and a lot of things, but only because you feel this way or like this specific thing does not mean you need a gender so you can differ from others.

    Posted by: SGR
  • There are only two genders.

    Those genders are male and female. There's really no such thing as transgender. No matter what gender you identify as, no matter how many hormone injections and plastic surgeries you have, you will ALWAYS be the gender you were born as. Facts don't care about your feelings. If you were born a man you are a MAN If you were born a woman you are a WOMAN. Go and be transgender if you like. It is not my place to stop you and you are free to chose how you live your life but I certainly don't have to agree with you. It's fact. Male and female are the ONLY genders. Not another can be added.

  • Of course there is

    This is basic scientific fact. Chromosomes are only XX (Female) or XY (Male). Sometimes there are deformities such as XXY but those don't make a new gender, its just a deformity. It blows my mind how people can actually believe there are more than two genders that exist today. Sigh

  • There are only two.

    If there is more than two genders, then why has there never been a "demi-queer cactus" gender on any form I've ever seen? They aren't discovering new genders, people are literally making this shit up in their heads. Just saying. I never thought this was a difficult subject to understand but people have some pretty wil imaginations. I sexually identify as a jewish man missing his right testicle, please respect my gender.

  • 2 not 305,671

    Gender is a penis, or a vagina.
    Not what you identify as.
    If everything you identify as makes a new gender, then does me identifying as God mean God is now real. (No offense y'all religious nut jobs)
    I don't mean to be offensive with this, but gender isn't what you feel, It's what you are. You can be a man that likes color pink without being a new gender.

  • Gender is attached to sex

    Why is this a sudden issue people everyday are trying to get farther away from society as a whole when in reality feeding to their stupidity is insane, so why help feed that we should work towards helping them yes and not being stupid and letting then away with it. They need a reality check.

  • In Terms Of Biological and Cultural Aspects, There Most Certainly Are Two

    I understand that this is a relatively touchy subject for many, but seen as it is an argument that has been going on for quite a while in political-correctness obsessed Western society that we live in, I feel the need to share my input. I always went my previously ignorant life thinking gender is simply a word used to describe one's sex, while simultaneously lowering the probability of confusing this with the aspect of sexual feelings or activity. However, while sex is usually considered biological, gender usually refers to an extended version of that, often covering aspects such as cultural or physiological parts of one's life caused by their biological sex. It is 100% clear that there are two sexes, and I would strongly agree with the idea that there are only two genders as well. Scientists at various institutions have found that one's most basic actions reflect on that of their sex, which is therefore basic gender. The transgender community feels as if they belong to another gender, and in many cases, they actually do, which is what defines them as transgender, not if they physically change their sex. However, it is very rare that you will find an individual whose mentality contradicts both male and female genders. Even if you do find someone that fits that description, the fact remains that it is more of a psychological problem rather than a different gender. One thing is for certain though, clouds, dirt, chocolate, and mayonnaise are not genders.

  • I'z conservative and proon

    I have a pee pee and a women has a vagene and when they colid a baby comes out of the belly button. So i am pee pee less and cant have bb bevcase is sterile wihout the pee pee and now im big boy so imma good good boy

  • The Gender Movement Is Pointless

    The word gender was made in the 1940's and had the same definition as sex, without the verb form. The 1970's women rights movement popularized the word with an alternate definition. So saying "gender is what's in your pants" is true, technically. Although you could argue it isn't.

    The whole point of this gender movement is "You can't classify me, I don't conform to your stupid system" then "here's a new equally stupid system so that we can classify ourselves" makes so much sense.

    You will be classified deal with it, stereotypes and gender roles exist, it's a way for our brains to simplify the world. As humans we will classify you, it's what we have done to absolutely everything. This doesn't mean that you will follow these stereotypes or identify well with said group, but you will be classified with them.

  • Yes there are only 2 genders and all of forms of "myriad" genders are just a form a people being mentally retarded and idiotic

    Because snowflakes and retards feel they need to make up random shit to cope with their insecurity

    THe cow jumped over the moon the cow fell down and broke his crown and all the kings horses and all the kings men couldnt put the cow back together again good story

  • There is a lot of confusion, and it's all unjustified because the truth is very simple

    There are only two sexes. But there are myriad genders. Two often people relate to gender, the same understanding of sex.

    Sex is what is given to you at birth based on your genitalia. It's not a matter of debate unless you get a sex-change. At birth, you are either man, woman, or possibly a hermaphrodite. That is indisputable.

    But it is not so definite or binary with gender. In the issue of gender it is psychological, not a matter of opinion or 'feelz'. There is very little to dispute. There is not a definitive Man or Woman in the human gender identity. There is a Man and a Woman, but there is a whole spectrum in between where people can identify how they wish. Sex is binary, gender isn't

    Source: I am a gender non-conformist in theory

  • There are more than two genders.

    I believe that there are only two genders for humans, but there are more than two in other species. (I know your thinking this is cheap, but the question never specified). For example there is a type of fungi that has 36,000 different genders. There is a type of jelly fish that can actually change gender. Also in Latin (maybe this is a little cheap) there are three genders Masculine, Feminine, Neuter.

  • No no no

    There are 4: male, female, agender, and hermaphrodite. Though you could say that there are only 3 since a Hermaphrodite is only a male and a female, and thus not a unique gender, or that there are only 2 since agender is the lack o a gender therefore not a gender, but these are all legitimate answers as to what gender you are, so you could say that are are 4 or 2

  • Sex and gender are not the same

    Sex and gender are not the same thing. Most people who say "yes" to this end up arguing that there are only two *SEXES*, and they're even wrong about that; there are a number of intersex conditions.

    In short, sex is physical, and most people are within 2 categories of that, and gender is psychological, and though *most* people also fit within two categories as either men or women, there are plenty of others; non-binary, agender, GNC, and various others.

  • There are actually 745 genders, according to Websters dictionary.

    The true definition of a gender, it to be determined. I can identify as a rainbow, a piece of cactus, or quite simply Bob Marley's left over blunt. Therefore, all of you elitist conservatives whom'st've believed that there exists only 2- are falsely elitist and ignorant and need to stop your erect, erroneous ways of thinking.

  • You are a moron

    Facts don’t care about your feeling and how you feel. There are on two genders and that’s all there will ever be. Go ahead and think your a different gender because how you feel. But don’t go and yell at everyone and shut up. No one cares about your you say. Sorry if I hurt your feelings snowflake, no one cares.

  • Sex is not gender

    There are 2 sexes (excluding abnormalities, most of the time you will only encounter 2 sexes) but there are many more genders, as "gender" refers to identity. Sex is "do you have a penis," gender is something much, much more complicated. Anyone who doesn't know the difference between sex and gender is pretty fucking dumb. Fuck you.

  • A Common Misconception

    Sex and gender are not the same thing. Sex refers to biological components such as genitalia. Gender, in reality is a social construct, therefore allowing it to be whatever you want it to be. You could be male, female, agender or bigender and it wouldn't really matter. It's all about how you feel in your head. There are only 2 sexes but gender is limitless.

  • MRI scans prove some sort of scale

    The was a study done at the University Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy that was composed of 23 trans men, 21 trans women, 23 cis women, and 22 cis men. Researchers used a type of MRI scan to measure diffusion of particles across brain matter. Cis women had the highest diffusivity (highest particle movement), and cis men had the least. Trans men were in second, and trans women were in third. This shows that gender is more of a scale/spectrum, with transgender people being more towards the middle.

  • Yes, obviously (Duh)

    There are roughly two SEXES, but plenty more genders, and it's stupid that people want to force their beliefs on people who dissagree. You can choose to to say there are only two genders, or choose to beleive there are more, which I personally do, but that makes neither argument correct. The fact is there are two sexes (Disregarding genetic deformities), but there are people out there that personally beleive with their entire being that being called female or male doesn't fit them, and honestly you should probably just respect them and let them live in peace.

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Sciguy says2016-09-10T20:32:06.360
There are only two biological Genders. However, there are two mental genders created by the ill.
PlanB says2018-07-03T19:09:24.060
Good point