There has been a big spike in the number of police killings in Rio ahead of the Olympics. Do the police need to be monitored more?

  • Yes, the police should be monitered.

    It seems as if RIp is not safe, and that the country is not doing enough to prepare for a large event. There will be millions of people coming from around the world to spend time there, many of whom will be vulnerable because they do not know the area or because they are well known.

  • Yes, the police need more monitoring.

    Yes, the police need to be monitored more closely. Without oversight, law enforcement officers tend to commit abuses on the people they investigate. Better monitoring can help prevent the use of excessive force and can help identify and weed out the bad players so that they can answer for their actions.

  • People will be afraid to go there

    If the police in RIo are killing people unjustly, then there certainly needs to be some investigations. Unfortunately, this is a different country, where our laws and rules have no bearing. The only thing that we can do is voice opinions and push for tighter control of the police there. If this is something that is happening at alarmingly high rates, perhaps some of the athletes, coaches, and spectators should reconsider their trip there.

  • The increase of security cameras is a must

    While there may be a spike in the number of police killings, there should be an even bigger increase in security cameras to help support the police activity in Rio. With the Olympics being in town and the increased number of threats, along with the typical day to day police activity, the Rio government needs to increase the security SUPPORT for police and all the public over this event.

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