There has been much speculation about whether or not Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. Do we care too much about celebrities?

  • Yes, we are too obsessed with celebrities.

    As a culture we are too concerned with celebrities and their private lives. Much of our "news" coverage is merely gossip and entertainment news that prevents us from finding out about important issues. Not only that but the intense coverage intrudes too much on the private lives of celebrities and violates their rights.

  • Yes, the length the media goes to relate private details of celebrites' lives is too invasive.

    Celebrities have a right to their privacy, just as everybody else. The media goes to great lengths to pry into the private lives of celebrities in order to grab titillating headlines. It should be up to Jennifer Aniston to decide if and when to go public with something as private as a possible pregnancy. Just because they live within view of the public, does not mean their lives are public domain. I do not feel I need to know every detail of her life in order to enjoy her career.

  • People need to get real.

    In general, I do feel that people care way too much about celebrities. After all, celebrities don't care about you and your life, so why do you care so much about them? We need to focus our efforts on real people that we know and interact with instead of pining for people we will never meet in real life.

  • Jennifer Aniston's pregnancy is not that big of a deal.

    Jennifer Aniston is pregnant (we think). Ok, cool. Who cares? Celebrities and their personal lives are so often a fixture in the public discourse these days to an almost sickening extent. Some Americans like to live vicariously through some of their favorite personalities; others like to critique or poke fun at for no particular reason. Why? There is no rhyme or reason to the level of interest we show in celebrities outside of the specific acts they are famous for. For instance, it is perfectly acceptable to show interest in Jennifer Aniston's character on Friends or her roles in various movies.

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